Farmhouse Ciders

Huon Dry Farmhouse Cider 12 * 375ml

$110.00 per carton


The 2018 harvest, 100% wild fermented. Exclusively using the very rare, exceptionally flavoured, high-acid and very late-picked Sturmer Pippin apple our Apple Cider is fermented to complete dryness. Remember, you can always sweeten a dry cider, but you cannot dry a sweet cider … so buy naturally dry ciders and sweeten to taste as apple cider truly is one of the few beverages for all occasions. Our cider uses 100% whole, tree-ripened apples (rarer than you might think!!), no additives (NO Sulphur Dioxide!!), no filtration, no added water … nothing but the goodness of apples from Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley! 7.5% alc. vol. .

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