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Monthly Specials

    A Salty Sea Stout 24 * 330ml

    $140.00 per carton

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    The uninitiated may think brewing beer with dozens of whole mussels and oysters, kilos of seaweed & litres of sea water, all from Great Bay off Tasmania's Bruny Island is a little bizarre but consider that some of the world's most flavoursome and magnificent seasonings are made from fermented 'sea-creatures', and it all starts to make sense. A dark, bitter, dry and salty glass of umami this ale is something else! 5% alc. vol. (TBC)

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    Mixed Carton Farmhouse Ales 6 * 750ml

    $65.00 per carton

    This carton includes 3 bottles each of the Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale - naturally soured & the Forester Farmhouse Amber Ale.

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